Learn More About the Author of Earth’s Ecocide Novel Series

What is A Champoid?™

A Champoid is a person who champions our humanoid species and supports and protects Earth’s biosphere. Being a Champoid is much more than a political, legal, economic, national, or moral view or cause. It is a determined way of thinking and acting that all things are connected and must be protected and nourished to ensure human survival. Through their beliefs and actions, Champoids support all life forms and what some may call non-life. A Champoid believes, for example, the Earth’s rare, balanced, fragile, and priceless biosphere is a living set of interrelated systems that makes life possible for all species. We must protect our homes.


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About the Author

David A. Collier, born in Lexington, Kentucky, earned his first two academic degrees at the University of Kentucky. After working in corporate America, he enrolled in a Ph.D. program at The Ohio State University. Upon earning his doctorate, he joined the faculty at Duke University and later taught in the business schools at the University of Virginia, The Ohio State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and in the United Kingdom at the University of Warwick. Dr. Collier has taught undergraduates, MBAs, PhDs, and in executive programs.

After decades of authoring scholarly research articles, business cases, numerous best paper awards, five college textbooks, and over 39,000 plus reads and 4,000 citations of some of his scholarly articles, according to ResearchGate, he wanted a new challenge—writing novels that make a difference.